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so claims the fearful BF who just got a restraining order against her.

Jeffrey Francis Ausley says he and Dziena had been dating for a few months, but when he tried to end it, she went crazy ...

I believe murder or violence or manipulation are all possible outcomes.” However, her allegations were faulted for insufficient evidence and her application denied.

and if he didn't go along with it, she'd have him arrested "because she knew how."Dziena -- who played E's psycho ex-GF on "Entourage" -- has now been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Ausley. in 2011 she tried to get restraining orders against her parents -- fearing her dad would murder her for her money -- but a judge turned her down.

Heather in “Sex and Breakfast”, Gemma Honeycutt in “Fool’s Gold” or Tris in “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist”.

She threatened to harm Jeffrey citing that she knew ways to get him arrested.

The final straw that led to Jeffrey resorting to a court case happened when Dziena appeared in his home with her belongings, saying that she will move in even if he didn’t let her.

screaming, throwing tantrums and threatening to harm Ausley and herself.

In court docs, Ausley says the final straw came when Dziena showed up at his house last week with a bag of clothes and announced she was moving in ...

Her biography can also be found in the different internet sites including Wikipedia, IMDb, etc which also locates pictures on her.

Alexis has earned a huge respect through out her life.

Dziena stars in a lot of romantic films but her real romantic life seems to be dull.

Perhaps, Alexis Dziena is too focused on her upcoming projects to get married and settle with a husband. Their relationship was public and they were often spotted in red carpet events together.

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