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Then move to the right and wait for your name to be called.

You then pay and receive your passport with the visa.

The official price for a tourist visa is USD35 or USD40 for an "ordinary visa" also known more commonly as "business visa".

Staff may try to charge more at some land border crossings: hold out for the official price, particularly at major crossings, but don't be upset if you have to pay USD1-2 extra.

If you object to that avoid the main entry points such as airports, (on the - road), (near ), and Bavet (on the - road).

Smaller crossings such as Ban Pakkard/Pshar Prum (for ) and Chong Sa-Ngam/Choam (for ) aren't equipped with hand scanners All visitors, except citizens of , , , , , and need a visa to enter Cambodia.

If you don't have a passport photo immigration officers will scan the one on your passport for USD1-3 (no receipt given).

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Citizens of most nations can apply for an online on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation website, through a service provided by a private Cambodian company ().Officials have difficulties pronouncing Western names so stay alert and listen out for any of your names in your passport, any of your given names or surname may be called.Once reunited with your passport, join the Immigration queue.Scams on the Thai side of the border, at Aranyaprathet, are even more common.Don't get on a 'government bus to the border', don't accept the help of someone who 'works for Thai Immigration' at your hotel or elsewhere, and don't go to shops marked 'visas available here' next to the border.However, if, for any reason, you're caught overstaying by the police, you'll be carted off to the notoriously unpleasant illegal immigrant holding pens and may be blacklisted from Cambodia entirely.For most people it's not worth the risk: get a legal extension or do a visa run to the nearest border instead.There are other websites pretending to make a Cambodian e-visa - at best, these are just online travel agencies which will charge you more (USD30-45) and get the same USD40 visa for you; at worst, you may end up with a fake e-visa.You need to print two copies (one for entry and one for exit) of the PDF visa, cut out the visa parts and keep them with your passport.Plus it keeps the option open of the enjoyable - boat trip (and the use of other minor border crossings)!Using a e-visa saves you a whole page in your passport. If you make it to Immigration and are fewer than 10 days over, you'll probably be allowed out with a fine of KHR50,000 (USD12.50) per day.

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