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Dating search company scams

I am being encouraged to contact to collect my "lucky prize before they will have to give it to somebody else." I am strongly considering on contacting them to investigate if it's a genuine prize I deserve for being a "lucky Facebook user." Other than call this woman, whom I am encouraged by the man she is really "authorized to present me with ,000 to be deposited directly into [my] account," how can I determine the the validity of this offer?

In fact, how can I be certain this blog here is actually authentically apart of the Federal Communication Commmision (FCC) and not a scammer organization attempting to secure my private information?

But there’s another place to report international scams, too:

Besides they told me ridiculous lies over the phone that a child would not believe and I am a professional engineer with 30 years exp.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has information for investors.

I have sent them all bank statements showing the deposits and no charge back deposits and now they refuse to speak to me. But their emails promoting how close I was to being a winner kept coming for nearly a year. They only stopped when that particular campaign ended. They traded it up to $163,000 Paid back $14,000, and said they had lost the rest.

the money is there , and at least they should not lie when they have proof, and send back my original deposits. I tried them for grins, and after a couple months got tired of being a "winner" if ... I believe this is a scam because professional traders can not lose $150,000 in less than 6 months.

I called the police, the said the cannot do anything coz I didn't give them any money.

I have received several phone calls and texts, supposedly from representatives Facebook administrative office, informing me that Mr.The information you provide goes into a database that law enforcement agencies use for investigations.You may also want to contact law enforcement agencies in your location, or in the scammers' home location.Her # - (201) 378-3549 Her email - tonyabeeam001 Hope this saves any of you from the head aches Do NOT order anything from Eggplant Mail. They're giving me the run-around, and mocking me with a barrage of useless emails, stating different lies, like they have already refunded me and changing the story thanking me for shopping with them, than close my complaint ticket.I ordered an eggplant over a month ago and have yet to hear a single thing back. The money was taken out immediately and no eggplant ever delivered. They have repeated the same trick, the first order I thought it was a misprint and after weeks of email tag they reluctantly refunded part of my order and told me to just throw products away or donate. Ok so first time shame on them for thier deception, second time shame on me for believing in good business ethics. At least you didn't give your mother's maiden name, that I use all the time, for security questions.Whether you use a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device, your complaints to help consumer protection agencies around the globe – including the FTC – spot trends, conduct investigations, bring cases and prevent international scams. Acts like she's paying off your credit card then wants you to use the cash advance to send money to a co-worker.You also can learn practical steps to help combat fraud and get news from ICPEN members, including case announcements. Only thing is her payment is voided a week later and your stuck with paying the funds back yourself.. Rosewholesale is a fraudulent overseas company who are selling boys clothes as men's sizes.The site is run by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), and is a partnership of 34 consumer protection agencies around the world.Starting today, an updated version of the site is available – it’s mobile-friendly, has a user-friendly complaint form, and you can get consumer information and file complaints in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.I am now in contact with a group of scammers in Spain who are using government docs to pull one over on me, we can catch the now if someone acts.If you know about a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at

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