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Wga validating

The addition of WGA to the anti-piracy technology used to protect Windows XP was key in that it enabled us to be much more agile in our response to techniques used by counterfeiters and pirates.As a result of the success of WGA, we built validation technology into Windows Vista from the beginning.

Overall, Windows 7 represents the latest technology in the tools and methods Microsoft has developed fight software piracy.

As we look ahead, we know there will be new exploits that pirates will try once Windows 7 ships.

These components were new and were built for use in Windows Vista.

The same components, though tuned up a bit, form the basis of our activation and validation technology in Windows 7.

One of our design goals in this generation of the technology is to enable Windows to get smarter over time so we added the ability to receive new information that Windows can use to detect and protect against the latest activation exploits, tampering or other attempts to circumvent product activation.

We've also added to the online service that supports activation and validation on the Microsoft side with extensive systems monitoring, geo-redundancy and a focus on accuracy.Windows 7 includes an updated notifications experience for product activation We heard feedback from customers that while the notifications that appeared in Windows Vista were effective at helping alert customers, there might be more we could do and say that would be helpful.So for Windows 7 our goal was to do a better job of helping customers make decisions with confidence about which action to take.As many of you know, our online validation program, known as Windows Genuine Advantage, is a program designed for use with Windows XP.It was also designed to be added to the existing product activation technology that began shipping broadly with the versions of Windows XP that were already in the market.In Windows 7, we're being more descriptive about what Windows is actually doing and providing more information about what, if any, actions the user should take as a result.In the Windows 7 timeframe, one of our goals is to improve support for deployment and activation in the enterprise and other large organizations We also heard from enterprise customers that there were some scenarios where our activation tools could be improved, to help ease the burden on IT departments.After successfully revalidating any affected system should be rebooted to ensure the genuine-only features are restored.Earlier today we posted on Microsoft's Press Pass site an interview with our group's General Manager, Joe Williams.This is important for customers who have fully virtualized environments or customers who have dev/test environments where virtual clients are used heavily.Other changes Though not a core part of the Windows 7 product experience, one of the changes we are making to our anti-piracy efforts is to better distinguish between the generations of technology we're deploying.

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