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A full sensory virtual date would be exactly like a real one – you could hold someone’s hand and even smell their fragrance – but all from the comfort of your own home.

It would have the benefit of opening up a global dating pool of people to meet, and redefining what people consider to be a "long distance" relationship.

There are handy lists of truth or dare ideas all over the internet for you two to try out if your creativity is running dry.

If a visit or vacation is out of the question for a while, plan something wild that you've dreamed of doing together—whether it's zip lining in New Zealand or checking out the Northern Lights in Greenland, it's bound to make you both smile. Craft together The virtual date ideas are endless with this one, as long as you're willing to get creative.

If those wine and paint events always looked like fun to you and you want to do it with bae, get inventive!

A huge part of keeping relationships alive and well is making new memories, which can be hard if your love is long distance.

You and your significant other might call each other as often as possible, but you likely didn't fall in love because of their ability to hold a phone conversation.

But how will this technological intervention into our romantic affairs play out in the future?

According to a new report, full sensory virtual reality and behaviour-based matching will be among the key features of dating in the year 2040.Set a little time aside to explore these places together with your partner via Skype.Ignore the weird looks—it'll be fun for you and that's what matters.The findings reveal a "super-charged" continuation of today's online dating trends.People will always want to be matched and ultimately form relationships with like-minded people in the most efficient way possible. "By 2040 we estimate that 70 per cent of couples will get together online, with technology revolutionising the way we find love and build our relationships," said e Harmony UK country manager, Romain Bertrand."From making matches between singles even more accurate based on deep learning of our behaviour, to streamlining the dating process so it’s less time consuming, and even helping couples to enhance their relationships with artificial intelligence, finding the right person will be easier than ever.” Here are some of the ways that advances in science and consumer technology will redfine the dating world over the next 25 years: The report predicts that, in just 25 years, the rate at which data can be shared will be so fast that all five human senses could be digitally simulated to create a full-sensory virtual reality.This would make dating a far more efficient and less time consuming process.) or starting your own book club and setting aside time each week to discuss what you've read.This is a guaranteed way to branch away from the usual discussions about work and weather and into conversations about things you may not have talked about before. Show each other your favorite hang out spots He's been raving about the new coffee shop that just opened downtown, and you know he's always been curious about the local park that you can't quite describe with words.These developments will save singles time and energy, deliver more accurate matches, and even provide insight and real-time assistance.The report, commissioned by relationship site e Harmony and compiled by MSc Management students at Imperial College Business School, is based on analysis of more than 100 years of trend data and interviews with leading experts across the fields of anthropology, sociology, technology and biomedicine.

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