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Good questions to ask while dating

He or she grows up thinking that it is religion that keeps him from enjoying life.

Do not mistake these questions and worries as a rebellion against you or against their religion. Be happy that your youth feels comfortable coming to you with these issues.

They see the kids at school dating, and it looks like fun. If you have not established a positive relationship with your child by this time, you will probably have a big problem on your hands, because your youth will have the same questions, but he won't come to you for a discussion about them.

The major 'institution of learning' for each child is his family, and the major 'professors' of this institution are the parents.

ROLE MODELING The most effective way to teach anything to anybody is to be a role model.

He needs to be aware of the many blessings Allah has given to him to help him enjoy and cope with his life.

And he needs to understand which actions Allah will be pleased with, rather than worry over punishment for mistakes he knows he will make.

When the child helps her mother clean off the table, the mother should mention that Allah is pleased with children who help their parents.

Mentioning the Islamic aspect does not imply nor suggest that you need to deliver lectures about Islam to your child.

" It is our obligation and duty as parents to teach our children so that they grow up to be believing, practicing Muslims.

Sending the child to an Islamic weekend school or to a full-time Islamic school is an important but minor part of their Islamic education.

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