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This period is known as individualisation and some of the greatest mysteries on Earth are connected to this era.

In the denial or ignorance of its true origins lies the source of disempowerment for Humanity; in not knowing its divine source, the nature of the human soul or the very lengthy evolution of human consciousness that stretches back some 21 million years.

(HHH-1) is based upon the works of HPB and brings to light for the first time many key points, including the chronology and unfoldment of the ancient civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Further planned volumes will bridge to several aspects of mainstream science – to blend the esoteric teaching with the best discoveries in academia; this has already been attempted (HHH-1) with the examination of the geological key to The Secret Doctrine.

Who today really reflects about our true history and ancient past, preoccupied in a very busy world trying to survive?

Most accept the culturally conditioned views of the Bible and/or modern science, both of which do not offer more than 5-10,000 years for the origin of human civilisation.

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