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You can practice talking about sex with your partner, a friend, or another parent.If you feel that you can't talk to your child about sex, ask your doctor, a trusted aunt or uncle, or a religious leader to do it.

As he or she grows and matures, your child naturally has questions about sexuality.

The more you can give guidance, the better prepared your child will be to make responsible decisions.

But it is a normal and healthy part of human sexuality. Two-thirds of all sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) occur in people who are younger than age 25. Consider talking about why teens have a high risk of getting an STI.

Talking about condoms and other forms of contraception is often based on family values and attitudes.

Your local library, church, or synagogue, may have information to help you talk to your kids about sex and family life issues.

You can also check these websites: As children enter their teen years, they begin to have more interest in dating, and many become sexually intimate with a partner.A good way to start is to admit that talking about sex may be awkward, but that your child should not ever be afraid to ask you questions.Discussing sex and sexuality with your child is not a one-time conversation, though.can be awkward, but the earlier you start the discussion, the better prepared your child will be to make safer decisions about it.And your child may be better able to deal with peer pressure and media influences as he or she gets older.If you wait for others-friends, school staff, or another adult-to address sex, you do your child a disservice.Movies, TV, music lyrics, music videos, websites, and more can affect how your child thinks and behaves.Your child may know something or nothing about sex.He or she may or may not know what the terms sexual activity and sexual intercourse mean. Make it clear that sex does not just mean vaginal sexual intercourse. In general, children do not think of oral sex as "sex." They think of oral sex as a safe way to enjoy some of the benefits of vaginal sex with less risk of feeling guilty, getting a bad reputation, or going against their own values and beliefs.Having an open, honest relationship with your child will largely depend on the quality of the relationship you have built to this point.The best time to begin the discussion about sex is when your child is in elementary school.

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