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Certainly he must have been born around 570 at the earliest, and around 590 at the latest.

According to Adomnán's Life of Saint Columba, Domnall mac Áedo met Columba at Druim Cett while still a boy.

Fossils tell us how species have changed across long periods of the Earth’s history.

At 500 million years ago, ancient fish without jawbones surface; and at 400 million years ago, fish with jaws are found.

Gradually, new animals appear: amphibians at 350 million years ago, reptiles at 300 million years ago, mammals at 230 million years ago, and birds at 150 million years ago., first appear in rocks that are about 370 million years old. But in 1998, scientists found a fossilized fin, 370 million years old, with eight digits similar to the five fingers humans have on their hands, as shown in Figure 1.

One of the great success stories in the examination of the fossil record was the finding of a near-perfect fossilized transition between a vertebrate adapted for water and one adapted for land.

Evolutionary biologist Neal Shubin set out to find a more complete transitional specimen than the 1998 fin.

Source: Image used by permission from Falk, Coming to Peace, 119. Finally, because fossilization itself is a rare event, smaller populations are sure to produce fewer fossils.

The fact that transitional species have been found at all is remarkable, and it offers further support of gradual, evolutionary change.

The list of High Kings found in the Baile Chuinn Cétchathaigh (The Frenzy of Conn of the Hundred Battles), which is dated to before 695, includes Domnall.

The original writer of the Annals of Ulster named just twelve "kings of Ireland", starting with Domnall in 628–642, and ending with Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair in 1166–1186.

The fossil record is a remarkable gift for the study of nature. In rocks more than 1 billion years old, only fossils of single-celled organisms are found.

Moving to rocks that are about 550 million years old, fossils of simple, multicellular animals can be found.

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