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In between the killings, beatings, and assorted infidelities (on the show that is!

Going through my growing pile of recipes I’ve ripped from the pages of BINGO!

This dessert not only sounded delicious, the photo of velvety chocolate sprinkled with crushed pistachios and flakes of sea salt made my mouth water. The answer was to construct the tart in stages, a perfect solution for any working woman and/or busy mom!

The event took place at TJC (B block) 3rd floor, where students and teachers from all departments were gathered.

It began at 11.30 a.m, with the arrival of the Guest Dr. George Easaw, addressed the audience, saying that this was an important event on safe and secular environment and the student community's contribution towards it.

3-Card Poker Rules Three card poker (also called tricard poker) is a poker-based game that has recently become popular in American casinos.

It actually consists of two separate games, Pairplus and ante-and-play.

Harsha, accompanied by the Campus Director, Principal (TJC), and the Head of The Department of Mechanical Engineering TJIT. Revathi Nambiar, from BBM 3rd Sem, and followed by invocation song by Mr.

Sambasivam's speech, which was an introduction of the guest, and he said that it was a privilege having such an energetic, young personality among us. Harsha's background, past experinces and interests. He also insisted on the privilege of being a student in Bangalore and the relevance of global importance given to Bangalore; the positives and negatives of being a student in this era in the silicon valley of India.

Adding the flour, I kept the mixer on medium until the contents looked like dark brown, clumpy sand.

After adding milk and vanilla, I mixed on low until the dough came together.

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