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2.8mm thick hardened and tempered crystal protects the dial with an anti-reflective coating applied to the inner surface and the strao retaing bars are solid screw in items that will stand any test.This is one mean watch and it’s no surprise Elliot Brown are finding favour amongst many military groups.It features a neat inner timing bezel operated via the upper crown and even when in the our or adjust position, the lower time and date adjust crown is still fully water proof.

Other UF PRO® favorites that will be exhibited include the company’s fire-and-forget Striker Combat gear range, P-40 combat pants collection, Delta cold-weather gear, Monsoon rain gear, Urban tactical clothing line, and an acclaimed group of pocket, pad, and strap systems.

“Everything you’ll see at our booth at both these outstanding fairs is built to perform under the toughest environmental conditions,” said Wagner.

Ashland, Oregon’s Jared Cruce Studio made the five-minute film, the first of a three-part series.

The intent behind the project is to broaden Massif’s brand vision, explain the company’s history, and their unique symbiosis with Antex Knitting Mills, and Matchmaster Dyeing and Finishing in Los Angeles. at Massif, talks about the early days of Massif and Antex.

“Our products use world-class materials combined with innovative technologies.

And, they are one and all made in Europe – a fact we are extremely proud of.” Prize Drawing Forecast to Be a Hit Wagner added that the shopping giveaway is also predicted to be a huge hit with attendees.In addition to functioning exactly like an OEM release, the profile of our M&P Extended Mag Release is slightly raised with chamfered edges which helps ensure that you eject your S&W Shield magazine quickly and with ease!” Ashland, OR (03/06/2018) – Massif, a world-leader in Flame Resistant apparel for the U. Military, Wildland Firefighters, the SAR community and more, is excited to announce the release of their video-short, The Massif Story: Keep Going.Enforce Tac begins on Wednesday (7 March 2018) and ends one day later.IWA Outdoor Classics begins Friday (9 March 2018) and continues until Monday.Elliot Brown watches aren’t like other so-called sports watches.Ian Elliot and Alex Brown share 20 years of unique watch building knowledge from the world of extreme sports which is how they were able to create the worlds most rugged “tool” watches.The highly legible dial and hands feature a Superluminova coating that will glow for up to 8 hours.The solid and beautifully detailed case back is bolted down for a perfect seal with multiple surfaces to minimize the contact patch with the wrist in warmer conditions.It was bulky, uncomfortable, and lacked the performance characteristics they needed to do their jobs properly.So, out of a garage in a small Southern Oregon town, they decided to make their own gear and Massif has grown from those modest beginnings to one of the world’s preeminent manufacturers of high-end flame-resistant gear.

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