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At the end of this period the seas receded to the approximately present day coasts of Black, Azov and Caspian seas to form one big sea.

Later in 1st century AD the tribesmen of the dominant horde were called Alanis.

These tribes, mainly of Iranian origin, were conquered in 2nd century AD by German tribe called Goths from Baltic region.

Also in the 7th century Greeks left Black Sea shores, thus causing a considerable gap in the documented history of Ukraine.

Khazar control of the steppe was breached in the late 9th century by the Magyars, who later were replaced by Pechenegs and then by Polovetsians as dominant tribes.

When in the 6th century they moved to Southwest Germany, Antes became the dominant tribe in Ukraine.

At end of 7th century AD, Khazars established themselves on Caspian steppes, which somewhat shielded Ukraine from other Asian hordes.

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Ukr Nat FCU has been providing service to the Ukrainian community since 1965.

We have grown from a small group of 50 people to a blossoming community of over 7,000 members.

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