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Since 1950, temperatures in the Antarctic Peninsula have risen by about half a degree Celsius each decade, which is much faster than the global average.

With the ocean getting warmer and speeding up the ice flow, American and British scientific agencies are now working together to get a better understanding of the rate of the collapse in the most vulnerable areas.

According to Sir Branson, teams are already “working to study the feasibility of the route.” The study should be done in about half a year, post which Virgin Hyperloop One can begin laying the track – or rather, the pipe – in about two years, if all goes well.

So if you’re all ready to hop onto the hyperloop in about five years and pick up some baked goodies from Kayani’s, Pune, here’s everything you need to know about Virgin Hyperloop One’s latest project and how it will impact your travel.

Since the Mumbai to Pune hyperloop is only in its planning stages, there’s no way to decide on the exact price just yet.

But so far, the scientists do not know what could happen to the ice sheet and at what rate.

Part of the research is also to measure the role of climate change in weakening the ice sheet and how the warming of the surrounding seas could damage Antarctica.

Apart from saving 90 million hours of travel time, facilitating higher connectivity and more business growth by ferrying an estimated 150 million people per annum, a Virgin Hyperloop One pre-feasibility study has shown that the Mumbai to Pune hyperloop will translate into $55 billion worth of social and economic benefits in the first three decades of its run.

Since the transport system runs on electricity, it would cut greenhouse gas emissions by 150,000 tonnes per annum.There’s a history of successful Speed Dating at Celebrations, with long-term couples, engagements and marriages now among the alumni. Advanced online registration is required (walk-ups will be based on availability). Additionally, by providing a cost-effective, time-effective and environmentally sustainable mode of transport would free up the currently congested Mumbai-Pune expressway.Should the project be completed within the stipulated time, India might be able to edge out the UAE (with its Dubai project) and become the first country in the world to have a hyperloop transportation system.So, if one were to make an estimate, it could be anywhere between ₹3,000 to ₹5,000.Now that the “intent agreement” has been signed between Virgin Hyperloop One and the State of Maharashtra, the company has begun the next big step.Even the cost of the project hasn’t been revealed by Virgin Hyperloop One, much less the cost of a single ticket from Mumbai to Pune.However, according to one report, the fare would similar to airfare between the two cities – discounting factors such as time of booking and availability of seats.Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Virgin Hyperloop One aims to build a system from Mumbai to Pune, bringing down the travel time between India’s financial capital and one of the country’s biggest IT hubs from over three hours to about 20-25 minutes.On the first day of the Magnetic Maharashtra Summit (Sunday, February 18), the Virgin Group signed an intent agreement with the state government to build a hyperloop from Mumbai to Pune.

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