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Australia dating habits

Here are some bad dating and relationship habits to swear off.

Thermoluminescence dating of the Jinmium site in the Northern Territory suggested a date of 120,000 BP.

Although this result received wide press coverage, it has been seriously questioned by most archaeologists.

The Aboriginal population was decimated by British colonisation which began in 1788, when news of the land's fertility spread to Europeans causing them to begin settling in the Aboriginal land.

A combination of disease, loss of land (and thus food resources) and outright murder reduced the Aboriginal population by an estimated 90% during the 19th century and early 20th century.

There were a great many different Aboriginal groups, each with their own individual culture, belief structure, and language (approximately 250 different languages at the time of European contact).

These cultures overlapped to a greater or lesser extent, and evolved over time. A general impression in white Australian and overseas society that Aboriginals are primarily desert-dwellers is in fact false: the regions of heaviest population were the same temperate coastal regions that are currently the most heavily populated.The most common view is that their ancestors came from southeast Asia more than 50,000 years ago.This means there have been more than 1250 generations in Australia.A wave of massacres and resistance followed the frontier.The last recorded massacre was at Coniston in the Northern Territory in 1928.Australian Aborigines are the main indigenous people of Australia.Their ancestors probably arrived in Australia over 50,000 years ago, although this figure remains in dispute.Others claim that, because the megafauna were large and slow, they were easy prey for Aboriginal hunters.A third possibility is that Aboriginal modification of the environment, particularly through the use of fire, indirectly led to their extinction.If you're looking for a fresh start in 2017, why not take this time to refresh your dating life?After all, the New Year is always a great time to reassess your well-being.

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