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After a shocking conversation with Julian, Alex leaves her suicide note on his voice mail.Quinn helps Clay form a plan to convince Nathan to rehire him, but they may be too late as Nathan and Haley prepare to leave Tree Hill behind in their move to Barcelona.

Haley returns to the stage and Brooke receives life-changing news.Meanwhile, Dan Scott returns to Tree Hill much to the chagrin of Nathan, who is about to sign a new NBA contract with the help of his agent Clay. Nathan reaches the breaking point with Clay, causing a rift between Haley and Quinn.Brooke comes clean with Julian about her worries regarding his growing connection to Alex.Brooke prepares to launch a new fashion line, and Julian decides to produce a big movie. Mouth wants Skills to move out, though Skills refuses which leads to a naked standoff. While in the process of recording her new album, Haley battles to protect Red Bedroom Records with the help of Mia. Clay and Nathan disagree on how to handle an ever-worsening scandal.Brooke casts the new face of her clothing line, though her personality turns out to be what Brooke hadn't expected. Quinn and Brooke organize a photo shoot, and Mouth ups the stakes in his battle with Skills.Meanwhile, Clay gets a chance to prove his commitment to Quinn by helping her through a dinner with her sister and David.In the chaos surrounding an '80s alumni dance at the high school, Haley's birthday is forgotten, Jamie is left home alone, and Nathan and Clay are stranded 200 miles from Tree Hill.Meanwhile, Skills pursues a new career in LA and Millicent's drug problem worsens.Nathan and Haley's careers bring about a tough decision for the family, and Julian divulges a secret to Alex that leads to a confrontation with Brooke.At Brooke's fashion show, Clay gets into a fist fight with Quinn's husband.Haley is thrust into the spotlight and storm of Nathan's growing scandal.

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