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It consisted of a KG-3 transmitter a KG-12 receiver.

All the machines at Stonehouse were equipped that way and about 20% at Tract C.

At the 7th Radio Research in South East Asia, about 30% of the KG13's had the card cutter style card readers.

13's equipped with the card cutters were operated on very high priority circuits with short cycles to change key material. The KG-13 did have a major difference in that in its latter years, it was equipped with a Card Reader Insert Board or CRIB. These were modules made of discrete components set up as logic element circuit groups such as NAND gates, NOR gates, XOR gates, flip flops, monostables, multivibrators, etc.

Once tested, the modules were potted in a compound whose colour indicated their function.

The KG-13 was the first transistorized cryptographic machine developed by NSA in the early 60's.

It used the newly developed 2N404 germanium transistor instead of vacuum tubes.

The transmitter was switchable to function as a receiver.

The KG-13 Electronic Key Generator, Transmitter/Receiver was similar in appearance to the KG-14.

Ronald Coppock, who worked with the KG-13 indicates that it was fitted with a card cutter and also without.

"In Ethiopia, I worked at two locations (Stonehouse and Tract C) that had KG13's equipped with the KW26 style card cutters.

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