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Who is mischa barton dating

I guess I don't have one type necessarily…and I don't base much on looks. M: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Hugh Grant, and Jude Law. M: It's terribly weird, but it's kind of amusing now that I can laugh about it. M: I sort of had an idea that it was going to be sexy, but filming it turned out to be surprisingly easy.

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C: Have you ever heard or read anything in the press abour yourself that has made you really upset? M: Because I play a girl who's a bit of a rich snob, I think maybe I'm seen as this teen idol who's perfect in every way. She doesn't always feel like she completely fits in.

I was really expecting him to be the one who would want to push the envelope. M: Yeah, if it were an artsy film or a good film with a good director and good actors.

I just wouldn't do anything that's blatantly gratuitous."C: Before your current Neutrogena campaign, had you ever done any modeling?

But, Mischa Barton did win over her pro partner Artem Chigvintsev, and they are now reportedly dating!

Dancing With The Stars fans pitied Artem Chigvintsev for being paired up with Mischa Barton in Season 22 – but it turns out Artem apparently enjoyed every minute of it. According to a new report from ET Online, Mischa Barton and her former DWTS partner Artem have been growing closer since they were voted off Season 22, and this week they went on their first official date!

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