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As Sharon Zukin notes, “From the 1950s through the 1980s most cultural migrants came to the East Village because they felt ‘different,’ and they believed the neighborhood was ‘authentic’ because of its concentration of difference. It was on the street where relationships were formed, ideas conceived, and, crucially, communities connected.

Jacobs’ analysis of the West Village could easily extend eastward as a way of better understanding not simply their work came to be.

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The capacity to make such dubious gifts is a mysterious quality of New York.No one should come to New York to live unless he is willing to be lucky.” Ryan Mc Ginley was born in Ramsay, New Jersey, the youngest of eight children, but he came of age in Manhattan and was raised by his fellow skaters, graffiti writers, artists, misfits, outcasts and outsiders whom he encountered in the specific neighborhood of New York’s East Village.He visited the city often as a child, first to visit his older brother, who was gay, dressed in drag and lived with his partner on the Upper East Side, and then, as a young teen, to skateboard and to experiment in all manner of adventures and altered states.The long and rich history of the East Village and much of lower Manhattan as a hub of activity for the counter-culture of the 1960s and its artistic freedom of the 1970s established a backdrop against which Basquiat and Mc Ginley conceived their early work and realized it.This area’s storied past as a site of neglect, poverty, and ethnic diversity, enabled it to become a site for those operating outside of the mainstream to pursue their own paths [fig. One epicenter of downtown, the Bowery, was synonymous with Skid Row for much of the 20th century.Their biographies might read differently, but, pressingly, they both came of age in lower Manhattan, a denizen of cultural and political permissiveness.It’s difficult to say whether the neighborhood shaped their lives or their lives gave color to the neighborhood, but, the very interdependence of the two—context and work, life and setting, art and life—illuminates the singular importance of this location as a muse and a stage for their creative impulses.We're looking for pitches on a variety of topics, including but not limited to: Sex and dating/relationships Debt/money Disability Disease, especially the experience of being sick and invisible illnesses Mental illness Parenting and parents (including the experience of parents aging)Drugs and addiction Race Work We're interested in serious subjects, but not necessarily serious takes: If you have an idea for a humorous approach to any of the above (or anything else), go for it.There's also no strict word count, but pieces tend to be in the 800 to 1,200-word range, and we pay.Mc Ginley attended Parsons School of Design, initially to study painting, then poetry, and then graphic design, before taking a class with George Pitts titled “Nudity, Sexuality and Beauty in Photography.” Those three ideas are central currents coursing through Mc Ginley’s work from 1998 to today, though they manifest in far-ranging ways.During the period of 1998-2003, the focused time period of this study, they appear intimately attached to Mc Ginley’s own life [fig. In fact, the intimacy of lithe, at times nude bodies intertwined or isolated, and bathed in pure light—a signal aspect of Mc Ginley’s photographic approach—in this body of work is born of the artist and his close-knit group of friends at that time.

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