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The Hardware method is the preferred recording mode.

If you want to send a message to someone at a particular time then this work best in message scheduling You can schedule messages in GBWhats App, while in normal Whats App it is not possible to schedule messages, Now check the process to schedule a Whats App message.1. Play a video file without you have an automatic download for videos in your Whats App, any way you will download then but in case you have less MB mobile data and you want to check the incoming video, in this scenario, you can simply click on download watch some part of video then you can stop it😋 Saving Mobile data.3.

Can send 99 images at a time in normal Whats App it limited to 16 images.4.

Download stories from other friends posts whether they may image or with this feature you can download on clicking on top 3 dots and click on download now.5.

We can change app icon on the basis of our interest (Whats App icon in 8 colors).

As we know Whats App uses the blue color icon on your mobile, Now you can change the icon of the app, i have changed to blue, pink, etc.7.

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