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Liquidating a steel building

Whether you’re looking for an economical housing option, an environmentally friendly one or simply a unique building to call home, Steel Master’s prefabricated houses are the perfect solution for your needs.

Ever since the first skyscrapers went up in Chicago during the late 1800s, steel has been a major component in commercial building construction [source: Time Rime]. But they found that structural steel beams set in concrete allowed them to frame tall buildings that were more fire resistant and more structurally sound than cast iron.

Since that time, steel (an alloy made by combining iron and carbon) has not only become the best building material for commercial construction but closely tied to economic health.

Prices for steel company stocks are dropping, so it's not surprising that there's a question as to whether steel is still an ideal material for construction projects.

The steel industry was not immune to the effects of the recent economic downturn.

RHINO Steel buildings are the perfect structure for any environment — with metal building packages for sale for agricultural buildings to aircraft hangars to church buildings to sports and recreation, we do it all. The structures are solid and high-quality — you can count on a RHINO Steel building to last.

With clearly marked packages and fewer, stronger pieces, steel buildings are easy to assemble.

All buildings can be customized with combinations of these colors.

*Prices shown do not include shipping, doors, windows or accessories other than those listed above.

There is no limit to the length of your building, and our buildings reach heights of 40 feet or more! Our steel building kits are designed to be expandable if you need to add space later on. residents or 011-940-293-4952 for Canadian or Mexican residents to talk with us about our metal buildings for sale.

Whether it’s a garage or a warehouse, every order is custom made for you. RHINO Steel Buildings ships metal building kits all over North America — we deliver to every state in the U. With manufacturing and shipping points across the continent, we can keep shipping costs low and shipping times short. Over 37% of our orders are from repeat customers — our high-quality buildings don’t disappoint. Click below to browse some of our options by type, size, or location and learn more about pricing and experiencing the RHINO Difference.

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