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It is also the most easy reservation system, all these operations need only two minutes.

Shenzhen, protagonist of China Economic Development Shenzhen, population about 14 million people, is located in Guangdong Province, in the south of China, just ahead of Hong Kong, the two cities are only separated by the border.

After they make love for the first time, Hong says, "I saw into my own future, saw that I would become a woman with many stories to tell.

Copyright © 2003 by Shen Wang; Translation Copyright © 2003 by Andrea Lingenfelter.

Shenzhen hotel in Shenzhen: great rooms at low rates (with group discount).

Candy is a dark confessional novel, the story of a teenage girl who drops out of her elite prep school in Shanghai and makes her way to Shenzen, a frontier boomtown filled with fortune seekers, renegades, slackers and lost souls.

There she takes up with a long-haired Chinese rock guitarist, struggles to find her own identity and becomes addicted to "chasing the dragon" -- inhaling heroin -- before her father finally rescues her. Chinese, they are not so used to a writer being so open. It's too much for them." Too much for government censors, but not for her avid readers.

"I quit trusting anything that anyone told me," Hong says.

"Aside from the food I put in my mouth, there was nothing I believed in.

282 guestrooms are provided for guests, well-equipped with shower room, internet access, Satellite (cable) TV, LED TV, minibar, as well as free domestic telephone.

Also, various conference rooms and catering facilities meet guests' different needs. 30 meters to Shenzhen airport bus station and getting boarding pass. 10 minutes to Hua Qiang North shopping stree by subway.

Watch Videos (and Photos) of any detail, verify prices, control hotel services, look maps and list of distances from landmarks.

And then book with confidence, because this is a China based company focused on trust and fairness.

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