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Starmate sirius problem updating stations

XJ: Select the Options icon and then select the More icon and the Radio ID will display. Most Mazda Vehicles Prior to 2014: If there is an ESN button on your radio, hold down this button for approximately 1.5 seconds until the Radio ID displays. Radios in Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge vehicles are identified by a three-digit code found on the bottom right or left corner of the radio (shown below in the red circle). XK and XF: From SAT Options select SAT Information, and the Call Center number and Radio ID will display. 2010MY: On the touch-screen select Settings and then select SAT information and the Call Center number and Radio ID will be display. Mazda Connect System (Select 2014 or later models): To find the Radio ID (Electronic Serial Number or ESN): Select "XM" from available audio sources and select channel 0 from the channel list, this will display the 8-digit Radio ID.RES (ignition on/radio on) Select SETUP then use the Tune knob to scroll to SIRIUS ID. Then turn the Source knob to Sirius ID and select it, and the Radio ID will display.

Activation Fee: For each Receiver on your account, we may charge you a fee to activate, reactivate, upgrade or modify your Service.

The fee is payable with your first subscription fee payment.

REC (ignition on/radio off) Hold the SET/RND and LOAD/EJECT buttons simultaneously and the Radio ID will display.

RB1 (ignition on/radio off) Select SAT mode, press the CANCEL button 4 times and the Radio ID will display.

You currently have a Sirius XM Music for Business radio with subscription in your cart, which must be purchased separately from Sirius XM Radio consumer products or services.

Click ‘Continue’ to complete your order of the Music for Business Internet Radio with subscription only, and create your new business account.

All the time, it still plays the 50s oldies station but I cannot change it to anything else.

Talking to Sirius was hopeless, could not believe that they were trying to sell me something when all I wanted was to fix a problem.

Took it to the dealer and they said it needed a new antenna. I was finally given 800 number and told I needed to contact Mercedes. :-) Sirius tried to reactivate a bunch of times but to do this, the Sirius receiver must be on channel 184.

I told them "no way that is the problem" since it still play the 50s station but told them to go ahead and try it. I was on the phone with Sirrius on the 1st and the 2nd of September for 1 hour each time. But since it is on channel 5 continuously and I cannot change to anything else, the Sirius receiver will not accept the reactivate signal.

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