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Bria myles dating laz

Laz Alonso lost his dad at an early age and was practically raised by his mom alone (this explains his sentimental attachment to single moms).

There is really no information concerning his education prior to college, but it is safe to assume that he did his primary and high schooling in Washington, D. (as it is a known fact that he spent most of his childhood, adolescence and a bit of his adult life in Washington).

And from the outside looking in, his new boo is one lucky lady.

Laz Alonso further made appearances in the following films and American TV series: “Breakout Kings” (2011-2012), “Deception” (2012-2013)-where he was Will Moreno the lead character, “Battle of the Year: The Dream Team” (2013), “Person of Interest” (2013), “The Mysteries of Laura” (2014-2016) and most recently in the American crime drama film, “Detroit” (2017).

Owing to the fact that Laz Alonso is a good looking and successful young man, his mysterious love life has been a cause for debate.

This job was quite torrid for him and inasmuch as he earned a really good salary, his working hours were daunting (he worked about 90 hours per week often times), leaving him with little or no time for himself or virtually any other thing.

For Laz Alonso, moving to New York marked his transition into manhood, this is because the life experiences he had while at New York greatly contributed to bring him to a point of maturity and instilled in him the character and resolve required to succeed in Hollywood.

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